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Our goal at The Crawfish Company is to deliver the freshest & cleanest crawfish to our customers. We are now offering affiliate crawfish related business's that will be turn key to you. Please visit our website and click on affiliate tab to learn more.  We are also working on opening up live crawfish HUBs to better serve our customers.  For example, if you live in Friendswood, and you normally have to drive to the Galleria to pick up, you may now pick up at one of our certified live purged crawfish HUBS to make it more convienient for you.

100% of our crawfish are hand picked and placed in large purging tanks for a minimum of 24 hours which allows us to deliver a clean & healthy crawfish. Our purging tanks are located in a small town outside of Beaumont, Texas. This allows us to pickup large volumes of crawfish from Louisiana and transport them to our purging facility and begin the purging process.

Once the purging process has been completed, the crawfish are sacked, loaded, and delivered direct to our customers within 24 hours of being pulled from the tanks. We recently began shipping live crawfish throughout the United States and have heard nothing but great feedback from our customers. We have a 100% money back guarantee, no questions asked policy for all live crawfish sales. We are typically $.25 - $.50 more a pound, however, once you have seen the quality and how clean and alive our product is, we are confident you will become a customer for life.

(An additional $.25 per lb equates to about $7.50 more for each sack of crawfish purchased. If you take into count how clean and how few dead crawfish you will find, it would only make since to buy from us. We are working on a purging page for our website that will show the purging process and compare our crawfish to un-purged crawfish. Please check back for updates.

For information regarding live crawfish, visit our live crawfish pages. Live Crawfish (Houston) & Live Crawfish Shipped US.

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