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2-3 week turnaround time for production if not in stock

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Crawfish Cooker     
Boils 2 Sacks                                                Boils 5 Sacks
  $1,995 plus Tax                                             $2,995 plus tax    

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All Cookers are TCC Certified and come with 100% Money Back Guarantee!

About our Crawfish Cookers Seafood Steamers

Each unit is manufactured in the United States of America by the same person to ensure each unit is delivered the exact same as the previous one. If you want a commercial cooker for your Restaurants, for your personal use, or one at the beach or lake.  This is your chance to own the most talked about Crawfish Steamer/Cooker to hit the market since the 70's.

Our goal at The Crawfish Company is to manufacture and produce the best Crawfish, Seafood Cooker, Boiler available in the Crawfish industry.  Each unit is tested prior to being shipped to the customer.  The Crawfish Company will ship your Crawfish Steamer/Cooker to your front door within 24-72 hrs of receiving your order if we have it in stock.

2-3 week turnaround time for production due to the demand and # of orders placed prior to the crawfish season.  If you would like us to drop ship your cooker to a friend, relative, or another business address, no problem.  Just be sure to tell our office when they contact you to confirm your order.

Each unit is wrapped and placed on a wooden pallet prior to being shipped. We can ship to most cities for $350.  Please contact our office with any questions regarding shipping.