Crawfish Cookers and Crawfish Trailers

The Crawfish Company is known for their custom crawfish trailers and crawfish cookers. If you are in the market and in need of a trailer or cooker, please give us a call.  We have the best crawfish equipment around and all of our trailers and equipment are TCC-Certified and come with our 100 % defect money back guarantee.  After receiving your cooker, and your are not satisfied for any reason or do not want your cooker anymore, The Crawfish Company will buy back your cooker.  Please email our office if you have any questions regarding our buy back program.

Crawfish Cookers / Boilers

Each order is processed in the order they are received. Current turnaround time is 3-4 weeks if not in stock.  Email to find out if we have your cooker in stock. 

Double Crawfish Cooker                                 Single Crawfish Cooker
$2,995+ tax                                                     $1,995+ tax

Crawfish Trailers 
Turn-key Crawfish Boiling Trailers, Rigs / Commercial Custom Crawfish Trailers, Rigs

Custom Crawfish, Lobster, Shrimp, Catering Crawfish Boiling Rigs / Trailers
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100% money back guarantee on all trailer build deposits if we do not finalize and submit your trailer to the manufacturer. No questions asked guarantee.  We have a $500 trailer build deposit because designing a trailer with each customer is very time consuming.  Our trailer build deposit is a good faith deposit to show us you are 100% serious about taking the next step and starting your build today.