Live Crawfish Houston

Live Crawfish is rapidly becoming one of the most popular demands throughout Southeast Texas and southeast Louisiana.  The Crawfish Company delivers the freshest and cleanest Crawfish throughout the state of Texas and Louisiana. Our secret?  "Purged Crawfish".  Yes, that's right.  Our purging process and 100% money back guarantee on all live crawfish sales, gives our customer's peace of mind and satisfactin they deserve. 

We sell live crawfish in Beaumont, Houston, Austin, and San Antonio. We are looking for live crawfish wholesalers and distributors in other markets in order to continue to grow as a company.  If you reside in Dallas, Corpus Christi, or way out in West Texas, and are interested in becoming a live crawfish wholesaler or distributor, please contact our office today at 713-758-0972.

Live Crawfish Purging Facility